Some figures

This year, the tournament was played by 100 players during 6 sessions of 2h00 each.
A total of 2288 games have been played during this tournament.
On these 2288 games, 607 are self-drawn victory !
On these 2288 games, 107 are draw games.

Best attack : Olivier Boivin with 40 games won on 91 played, 43,96%
Best defense : Florine Leroy with 6 games given on 91 played, 6,59%
Best defense : Gerda Van Oorschot with 6 games given on 91 played, 6,59%
The Luckyest : Judith Ravel with 13 games self picked on 95 played, 13,68%
The biggest mahjong : Alessia Cosmo with a 95 points hand, that gives her 309 points.

What kind of player do you are ?

Here are the statistics of each player. This list is ordered by descending frequency of victory (Number of games won / Number of games played * 100).
Each bar represents 100% of your palayed games, its colours are depending on the outcome of the games, you will find a lexicon about theses colors at the end of this table.
Let your mouse over a coloured cell to know its value.
Clic on a name to acces the personnal statistcs page of the wanted player.

Player Profil
 Olivier Boivin
 Simon Fongue
 Pauline Van Der Linden
 Kevin Toussaint
 Janco Onnink
 Danilo Serio
 Romain Herdier
 Eric Preault
 Ludovic Brun
 Yvonne Van Der Heide
 Hélène Rapin
 Judith Ravel
 Agnès Montera
 Jesper Nøhr
 Florine Leroy
 Antoine Grolleau
 Alessia Cosmo
 Mickael Fromentoux
 Frédérique Grondin
 Emma Guenel
 Gerda Van Oorschot
 Jean-Louis Barbet
 Quentin Porcherot
 Sébastien Roux
 Nicolas Pochic
 Rudi Kopmanis
 Christel Bucher
 Sandra Bondoin
 Désirée Heemsketk
 Guillaume Le Goïc
 Clément Trung
 Mélanie Moreau
 Aziz Azougagh
 Vincent Joseph
 Joël Ratsimandresy
 Anton Kösters
 Fanette Laplagne
 Reine Doris
 Cyrille Rak
 Sven-Hendrik Gutsche
 Alain Berret
 Laurent Claudel
 Nathalie Mahé
 Pascale Larinier
 François Rauzil
 Benjamin Barbet
 Christophe Lefebvre
 Apolline Draux
 Isabel Steenholm
 Marian Peerdeman
 Lionel Legaie
 Marie-Josée Oreggia
 Stéphane De Bruyn
 Daniela Natali
 Liang-Yi Trung
 Ingrid Broeder
 Thérèse Roblin
 Olivier Aubrun
 Sohana Ma Prem
 Marianne Croeze
 Mei Hwa Felder
 Marleen Dewolf
 Caroline Villepou
 Jaap Croeze
 Vivian Hetmaniuk
 Thierry Bourgeois
 Ad Van Der Linden
 Norbert Mothe
 Florent Plisson
 Christophe Geffriaud
 Dimphy Van Grinsven
 Sébastien Berret
 Eric Van Balkum
 Ghislaine Payet
 Samuel Marchal
 Sébastien Palmade
 Stefano Rijoff
 Annie Manzo
 Josiane Delbos
 Hanneke Morel
 André Pietszch
 Christiane D'angelo
 Jérôme Sahal
 Marion Hoarau
 Christophe Cornu
 Gilles Mouton
 T. M.
 Caroline Arnaud
 Renéta Difernand
 Anthony Ea
 Bruno Manzo
 Phong N'Guyen Nhu
 Sylvie Valognes
 Tieu-Chong Lam
 Isabelle Chane-Pane
 Olivier Payet
 Yves Bigliazzi
 Christophe Richomme
 Didier Poyac
 Evi Geffriaud

Lexicon :

   Discard victory Game is won on a discard by another player.
  Self-drawn victory Game is won on a tile from the wall.
  Nul game Game has ended without any winner.
   Self-drawn loss Game is lost on a tile another player drew from the wall.
  Discard loss Game is lost on a discard by another player.
   Self discard loss Game is lost on a given tile.

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