They have already signed up !

Here is the list of the    80already registered players, order by EMA ranking.

First name Last name Team MahjongTime Country
99999992 Yukari Kugimiya Japan Power -
99999993 Kimito Kugimiya Japan Power -
99999994 Naotaka Asawa Japan Power -
99999991 Josephine Moore All around the world Spinach
17990001 Andreas Riha MASK (MAhjong Secret Knights) alvizuan
01000009 Norbert Tschinkel OEMC2009 norbertt
03000022 Henrik Leth Danish Red Dragons hleth
01000028 Martin Mauthner OEMC2009 Mausiboss
01000016 Otto Myslivec OEMC2009 OttoM
04040006 Nathalie Mahé Marvellous Mahjong Serial Players sodalite
09990005 Hans Wikström Bonaparte Sabon
08010037 Gertjan Davies MASK (MAhjong Secret Knights) GRDavies
08010051 Hans Van Der Poel Dutch Power -
04040026 Benoît Messi-Fouda Japan Power bbk666
08010025 Marianne Croeze Bonaparte Blom1234
16000002 Bo Lang The Knitted Roxan
08010039 Anton Kösters All types -
04040011 Jérôme Bonifas Marvellous Mahjong Serial Players djay
07000009 Stefano Rijoff federazione italiana mah jong -
08010003 Gerda Van Oorschot Bonaparte Fleurtje
08010040 Adrie Van Geffen Dutch Power a3geffen
03000051 Morten Andersen Danish Red Dragons MortenA
12990001 Paula Pereira Gomes The Knitted Derai
01000017 Martin Hoffmann OEMC2009 -
08010065 Robert Rijnders The Knitted Dumarest
11990001 Christopher Redmond All around the world credmo
08010026 Jaap Croeze Bonaparte Japio
04040031 Sébastien Berret greater honors fleurdelotus
08010022 Janco Onnink All types Janco
08010126 Rudy Wong-Chung Dutch Power -
08010036 Leni Janssen Nine Gates -
03000003 Tina Christensen Danish Red Dragons -
08010083 Ma Prem Sohana Troostheide Dutch Power -
01000013 Alexander Doppelhofer Four Characters Flydragon
08010035 Berry Heijn Nine Gates -
03000082 Jesper Willemoes Hansen Danish Red Dragons NoNamium
08010052 Yvonne Van Der Heide Nine Gates -
06020001 Zsanett Lakos MASK (MAhjong Secret Knights) zsazs
08010168 Dimphy Van Grinsven All types briesje
16000001 Mei Hwa Felder The Knitted hwa
11990003 Johannes Scott-Weijers Four Characters WuTiao
04040004 Nicolas Berthelot Team Zissou Berthi
04040007 Emma Guenel Cactus Flowers cati
04040034 Lionel Legaie Marvellous Mahjong Serial Players Oukwei
07000008 Andrea Verpelli federazione italiana mah jong -
07000006 Daniela Natali federazione italiana mah jong -
06010011 Ildikó Hargitai Four Characters tyltyl
08010027 Chris Janssen Nine Gates -
15990001 Mark Chizhenok Four Characters tarabarsky
05900007 Wolfgang Franke All around the world WolfgangHans
04040036 Christiane d'Angelo Cactus Flowers -
04990023 David Akselrad Les grenouilles -
04050022 André Balagourou greater honors ShAkA974
07000040 Fabiola Marta Ballarini federazione italiana mah jong -
04080001 Hélène Boidin greater honors BIGHmj
04040047 Sandra Bondoin Cactus Flowers -
04040053 Anne Choux Kings Of Kongs -
04090006 Pierre-Edouard Cousin Team Zissou -
04990024 Annabel Di Domenico Les grenouilles MANNABEL99
04990025 Corinne Di Domenico Les grenouilles batcoco
04030045 Reine Doris Mahjong Spirit -
04030046 Valérie Doris Mahjong Spirit -
04080004 Christian Enault greater honors -
04090008 Simon Fongue Kings Of Kongs -
10990001 Antonio Guillamon Rubio 13 HUERFANOS KNITTEDDRAGON
04040048 Joe-Calberson Huynh Kings Of Kongs calber91
04990022 Nghiep Ly All types yakuz888
04040059 Sylvain Malbec Les grenouilles shirluban
12990002 Rui Manuel Machado All around the world Drago3
04030022 Jean-Michel Morisse Mahjong Spirit -
04030028 Marie-Josée Oreggia Mahjong Spirit -
04990026 Marc Piris 13 HUERFANOS -
04040061 Nicolas Pochic Team Zissou -
04040030 Karine Poirier Cactus Flowers -
04040057 Joël Ratsimandresy Kings Of Kongs -
17990002 Zuzana Riha MASK (MAhjong Secret Knights) -
10990006 Francisco Jesús Ruiz Andreu 13 HUERFANOS -
04040017 Jérôme Sahal Team Zissou -
10990005 Carlos Sanchez Martin 13 HUERFANOS -
04040021 Rémi Serreau Marvellous Mahjong Serial Players -

V.I.P. - Very Important Players !

Norbert Tschinkel : Austrian class !

We not only have elegant women among our V.I.P., Norbert will proudly hoist the male standard !
Winner of the last EMA tournament to date in Bruck on march 9th 2008, Norbert is also the top MERS-ranked austrian player, in tenth position overall.

He leads a large team which will surely be quite the adversary for other teams engaged in the competition !
On top of being excellent players, Norbert Tschinkel, Martin Mauthner, Otto Myslivec and Martin Hoffman are responsible for organizing the next OEMC, which is already considered the place to be in european mahjong for 2009.

Nathalie Mahé : French champion 2008 ?

She came out 6th in the 2007 edition, and Nathalie has her eyes fixed on the podium for 2008 !
After winning numerous friendly tournaments this year, she has her whole club behind her (the Magic Mahjong Social Pung), and they already see her as the next french champion.

With only 4 participations in european tournaments, Nathalie is already ranked 17th. This 5th tournament should be the occasion for her to shoot for the stars.

Marianne Croeze : France is her lucky place !

Grand winner of the 2007 edition, she is quite capable of winning again this year !

Don't be misled by her severe look : she is serious when at the game table, but much less when in the restaurant, never one to turn down a drink or last to start singing "AAAAAlouette, gentille alouette" :).

She's a devoted and nocturnal player, and you'll find almost every night until very late on MahjongTime.

Bo Lang : Caution - formidable adversary !

If playing against her is always a pleasure, winning against her is always difficult. Her smile and constant high spirits hide a formidable adversary who will no hesitate to take your points...

Despite only having participated in the 6 last EMA tournaments, she has already taken first place twice !
The two dan on her brown belt place her in 3rd position in the MahjongTime community.

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